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Does Hurst offer rebuild kits for their shifters? What can I do to get my shifter rebuilt?

You may contact a special shifter service to restore your Hurst shifter. Click here for more details »

I have all of the factory numbers off of my transmission, can you tell me what it is and what it came out of ?

Unfortunately, it would be impossible for us to have listings for all of the different years and types of OEM transmissions by part number. What we have done is put pictures of the various 3 and 4 speed transmissions, as well as automatics, in the back of the Hurst catalog. Below each picture is a 3 digit identification number which can be used to determine the correct shifter and installation kit for your application.

I have often wondered what the difference is between the nylon and steel bushings you offer in the Hurst Pit Pack. Steel is better right?

Maybe not, the steel is stronger then nylon, but with nylon you do not get the harsh rattle noise on highways with a softer tone ,it makes life a bit more pleasant. Now on the other hand, if you are a hard core racer, you may want the stronger bushings while going down the track for that trophy.

What does “not for COE” stand for?

Packaging for Hurst Indy pick up truck universal shifters states “not for COE”. Our Technical Service Department has received numerous, and interesting, guesses. Some of the best are Computer Operated Engine, Canadian Only Engine, and Clutch On Engine. The correct meaning is not for Cab Over Engine.

I’m trying to install a Hurst shifter into my ’55-57 Chevy, but it seems like the stick is going to be under the bench seat.

For ’55-57 Chevys, Hurst uses a special stick shaped like a large “C” to clear the original bench seat. Due to the extreme angle that the stick comes out of the mechanism, it was not possible to make it a bolt-on stick. It is welded into the mechanism, like the 65-70 Mustang shifter. The stick is not available separately, and can only be ordered with the shifter under part  # 3913780.

I’m trying to install a Hurst shifter into my ’67 Mustang, but the reverse linkage interferes with the crossmember. What do I do?

To install a shifter into the stock location, Hurst created a shifter that mounts cocked towards the rear of the car; towards 2 O’clock. It incorporates a unique lower reverse lever in the mechanism to clear the crossmember. To compensate for the mechanism being mounted on an angle, the chrome stick is welded into the mechanism in the opposite direction to properly locate the handle in the vehicle. The stick and mechanism are not available separately, and are only sold under part # 3913180.

I would like to get the stick from my OEM shifter re-chromed. How do I get the stick out of the mechanism?

OEM shifters used a “bayonet-style” stick, held in with two metal clips and rubber isolators on each side of the stick. To remove the stick, place or push a steel shim or feeler gauge down each side of the stick, at the bottom where the chrome handle goes into the mechanism, and pull. Should you need new clips and isolators, they are available through your nearest Hurst retailer or through Hurst for a nominal charge. Contact Tech Services for more information ( 707-544-4761, Monday to Thursday 6:30AM – 5:00PM and Fridays 6:30AM – 1:30PM).

Why doesn’t my new Hurst Competition Plus fit my OEM linkage? My car originally came with a Hurst Shifter.

Hurst originally supplied only the shifters to the big three – made to their specifications. Hurst did not supply the linkage. OEM linkage is frequently smaller in diameter and/or the shifter is mounted in a slightly different location, making the Hurst aftermarket shifters and linkage incompatible with OEM shifters, linkage and mounting plates.

I’m having difficulty getting my automatic shifter adjusted to properly engage all the gears.

Some Hurst shifters are universal in design (particularly Pro-matics and V-matics). Some applications, usually Ford and Chrysler, require more exact adjustment than others. Try adjusting the cable pivot in either Low or Neutral, just be sure both the shifter and transmission are in the same gear when adjusting.

I would like to add a T-Handle to my Hurst shifter. What thread size do I need?

Although there are some exceptions, nearly all chrome- plated steel sticks used on aftermarket Hurst shifters are 3/8 x 16. Aluminum, black aluminum, or black steel sticks (late model Mustang and Quartersticks) are 7/16 x 20. Older Hurst OEM shifters are 3/8 x 24. One exception to this is the T-56 six speed shifter. While the chrome stick version is 3/8 x 16, the black stick version is 16mm x 1.5 to fit the factory knob only.

My shifter jams or hangs up in gear. What is the problem?

First, check to see if the linkage rods are encountering any interference. With the engine off and the parking brake engaged, have a friend operate the shifter and observe the linkage rods to see that the rods operate freely. Second, check to see if the transmission arms have become elongated (wallowed out). This may cause incomplete travel. Be sure that the linkage rods are parallel to the shifter lever’s travel. If they are “crooked” it may cause binding. Finally, the mechanism may be in need of a rebuild. Although made for years of outstanding performance, the shifter may require a rebuild after several years of use or severe duty. See the rebuild information below should you require this service.

What should I use to lubricate my new Hurst Shifter?

Hurst shifters are pre-lubricated at the factory. It is not necessary to oil the mechanism or grease it, as this will attract dirt and cause premature wear of the mechanism. The only exception is an internal rail shifter (such as the T-5 and T-56 models). A light coat of grease to the pivot ball tip on the bottom of this shifter prior to installation will help avoid premature wear. Be sure to seal internal rail shifters to the transmission with a thin bead of silicone RTV.

What is the proper way to adjust my Hurst four speed shifter?

There is a 1/4 inch hole at the bottom of the Hurst mechanism that runs through all three levers. This is called the neutral alignment hole. To ensure proper adjustment, run the shifter from first into second and then back to neutral. Insert the neutral alignment pin (or a 1/4 inch drill bit) into the neutral alignment hole. If the 1-2 lever interferes with the smooth insertion of the alignment pin, remove the 1-2 linkage rod from the shifter and thread the adjuster button either in or out to eliminate the interference. Repeat this procedure with the 3-4 lever and reverse. To adjust the stop bolts, back the bolts out of the shifter frame until only a few threads remain. Push the stick firmly into third gear and hold. Screw in the stop bolt until contact is made. Release the stick and back the stop bolt out one turn and tighten the jamnut. Push the stick into fourth gear and repeat the procedure.

What is the difference between the Hurst Competition Plus shifter and the Street Super Shifter?

While both shifters use the same legendary Hurst mechanism, the Competition Plus uses mounting hardware and an appropriately shaped stick handle to locate the shifter into the vehicle’s stock location or console. The Super Shifter is a “no holds barred” shifter, and uses straight linkage rods to minimize rod flex during hard shifts. The Super Shifter makes no modifications to the mounting hardware and will not fit into factory consoles; they typically mount high and at the end of the tailshaft to use the straight linkage rods. Super Shifter also utilizes a short 7 1/2 inch stick to keep the throws as short as possible.

Do you still make Hurst Lightning Rod automatic shifters?

NO. At this time we only manufacture Lightning Rods for the 4 & 5 speed Lenco transmissions. Parts are no longer available for Hurst Lightning Rod automatic shifters.

Product Return Procedure

In the event a problem develops with a Hurst product, contact Hurst Performance Products: 707-544-4761. Ask for customer service. It may be determined the product will have to be returned to Hurst. A return material authorization number (RMA number) will be assigned to you. The retail store or customer should return the product in question, freight prepaid. It must be accompanied with the original purchase receipt and a clear description of the problem. If the product is determined to be defective and within the warranty period, Hurst will repair, replace or issue credit to the distributor at Hurst’s option. Any repaired or replaced product will be returned to the sender freight prepaid via UPS. This limited warranty may give you specific legal rights, which may vary from state to state.

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