Looking for a versatile muffler with lots of performance applications? The Pro Series control technology to the street and racetrack. These round-cased mufflers deliver ground breaking sound control while delivering maximum power and exhaust system efficiency. The full-size Pro Series mufflers sound great on gasoline or diesel truck or racing applications. The Pro Series “shorty” mufflers are a terrific choice for muscle cars and other performance vehicles where great sound is desired.

  • Most versatile Laminar Flow muffler we offer
  • Deeper tone for great performance sound
  • 409S Stainless Steel construction
  • Limited lifetime warranty to original purchaser
  • Low exterior heat via Cool Shell technology 
  • Both full-size and shorty version available




Pro Series Laminar Flow Mufflers

Pro Series StandardPro Series with turndown
IN/OUTPart #Part #
Pro Series ShortyPro Series Standard
IN/OUTPart #IN/OUTPart #

Intended for sidepipe applications, these mufflers can be used in other applications and feature a raw 304S stainless steel case. These mufflers offer a quieter alternative to the glasspack style mufflers that are traditionally used in these applications, plus the Cool Shell Technology helps prevent the outside of the muffler case from seeing the extreme temperatures associated with sidepipe applications.

BodyLengthIN/OUTPart #
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