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Flowmaster® manufactures a wide variety of Street Mufflers that covers numerous applications and sound level choices allowing you to custom tune the sound of your vehicles to exactly what you want, both inside and outside the vehicle. We have mufflers designed for anything with an engine from large displacement big block engines to small four cylinder engines and everything in between.
And depending on your choice of sound, we have patented and proven chambered muffler series that deliver mild, moderate, aggressive, and very aggressive sounds. And unlike other muffler manufactures, we offer numerous muffler models which can control the drone, also known as interior resonance inside the vehicle cab area. Check out all the different series mufflers we offer and find the ones that are right for your vehicles. If you can’t find what you are looking for, or just unsure of your choices, feel free to call and speak to one of our customer support products specialists at 707-544-4761.

Flowmaster® Mufflers Differences Explained

Remember, our Stainless Steel Mufflers come with Lifetime Limited Warranty.


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Looking for the most aggressive sounding Flowmaster muffler available? Flowmaster’s new Super 10 Series mufflers are so aggressive that we can’t even recommend them for use on ….
The muffler that started it all, the original 40 Series Muffler is an aggressive sounding street/strip muffler that delivers a powerful “Flowmaster….
The Super 44 delivers a powerful rich tone and is the most aggressive, deepest sounding, highest performing 2-chamber street muffler we’ve ever built! Available in either 4095 Stainless ….
Developed from our Top Ten race muffler lineup for use on the street and strip. Utilizing Delta Flow Technology, this muffler gives the best performance to….
Flowmaster’s Delta Flow 40 Series two chamber design incorporates Flowmaster’s patented Delta Flow technology. The “Delta” deflectors generate increased scavenging for better performance and…


For true dual exhaust performance where only a single exhaust system will fit (such as is commonly found in classic Camaros and Firebirds), the 80 Series Cross-Flow muffler fits transversely….
Introducing our new “straight-through” FlowFX universal performance mufflers. Exterior features include; fully migwelded “bright” 409 stainless steel construction with the FlowFX logo embossed on the both sides of the case
The 50 Series Heavy Duty Muffler is appropriately named, a tough customer just like the trucks it was designed for. With 4.00-inch internal components and large case size, these mufflers help….

Flowmaster has taken the laminar core of our classic HP-2 muffler and wrapped it in a new compact square case. The new Super HP-2 Series muffler offers the same great performance benefits and moderate tone that you would expect from our laminar flow mufflers, now in a new sleek styling.

Looking for a versatile muffler with lots of performance applications? The Pro Series Laminar Flow mufflers bring the latest in performance and sound ….
A Sound Alternative from Flowmaster! The perfect choice for a variety of vehicle styles and engine applications, Flowmaster’s dBX mufflers utilize cutting….
Designed to reduce interior sound and resonance, the 50 Series Delta Flow’s moderate exterior tone level is the result our advanced technology. This compact….
Flowmaster 60 Series Mufflers feature Delta Flow Technology to increase horsepower and torque in most four and six cylinder vehicles. These large case, short….
The Super 50 (formerly called 50 SUV) incorporates an increased case size with the innovative technology found in the 50 Series Delta Flow mufflers. The Super 50 Series’ large tuning chamber….
The 70 Series Big Block Muffler uses a longer case for increased volume and added sound reduction that will still fit many applications where the wider 50 Series Big Block muffler won’t fit. The….
Our largest and quietest muffler, the 50 Series Big Block Mufflers is made for tow vehicles, full-size trucks, large SUV’s and RV’s / Motorhomes. More than just compatible with big cubic inch engine….
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