Flowmaster Inc. – The Exhaust Technology Company is a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of completely engineered exhaust systems / kits for cars, pick-up trucks, muscle cars, foreign cars, SUVs, diesel trucks and most vehicles. We have the largest selection of exhaust systems available for different year, make, and model vehicles in the industry.

Depending on your choice of sound, we have 5 series of exhaust systems / kits designed for different vehicle applications that produce that distinct Flowmaster sound in mild, moderate, aggressive, and very aggressive tones, and widely available in aluminized or Stainless Steel construction.


Our Most Aggressive Race-Oriented System

Our Outlaw Series Exhaust Systems/Kits feature race-bred components that ensure minimal restriction and only slight reduction on sound over open exhaust tubing on non-catalytic converter-equipped vehicles.

Aggressive Tone Chambered Muffler System

The classic sound of a Flowmaster® chambered exhaust, our American Thunder® Series features mufflers tuned to deliver more power, torque, throttle response and mileage. Best of all, these exhaust systems take sedate vehicles and delivers a deep aggressive tone.

Aggressive Tone Straight-Through Muffler System

Introducing Flowmaster® FlowFX Exhaust Systems. All the performance benefits that you expect from Flowmaster, but without the “chambered” muffler sound. New features include bright 409S stainless steel tubing and Flowmaster’s new FlowFX “straight-through” 3.00 inch internal core mufflers.

Top Choice for Sport Compact, Import & Euro

Our newest laminar flow technology muffler, the dBX® delivers the same fine attributes as the Pro Series mufflers with a deep tone and great overall acceleration sound, but in a compact case perfect for smaller vehicles.

For a Mild Chambered Muffler Tone

The Force ll Exhaust System is perfect for customers looking for some level of performance tone enhancement, but are concerned about installing an exhaust system that is too aggressive for daily street driving.

For the Do-It-Yourself Builder

Flowmaster’s line of installation accessories are designed for the professional installer and the Do-It-Yourself builder. These accessories are designed to work with Flowmaster mufflers in custom installations to allow for a high quality installation and years of reliable services. Universal Pipes can be fitted to any application.

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