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Flowmaster manufactures a wide variety of Street Mufflers for a wide range of applications and sound choices. We make mufflers designed for trucks and cars with big block engines all the way to small 4 cylinder engines and everything in between. 

And depending on your choice of sound, we have muffler series with mild , moderate, aggressive, and very aggressive sound.  Check out our different series mufflers. If you don’t find what you are looking for or just unsure of your choices, call our technical support department at 707-544-4761

Remember, our Stainless Steel Mufflers come with Lifetime Limited Warranty.


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Looking for a versatile muffler with lots of performance applications? The Pro Series Laminar Flow mufflers bring the latest in performance and sound ….
A Sound Alternative from Flowmaster! The perfect choice for a variety of vehicle styles and engine applications, Flowmaster’s dBX mufflers utilize cutting….
Designed to reduce interior sound and resonance, the 50 Series Delta Flow’s moderate exterior tone level is the result our advanced technology. This compact….
Flowmaster 60 Series Mufflers feature Delta Flow Technology to increase horsepower and torque in most four and six cylinder vehicles. These large case, short….
The Super 50 (formerly called 50 SUV) incorporates an increased case size with the innovative technology found in the 50 Series Delta Flow mufflers. The Super 50 Series’ large tuning chamber….
The 70 Series Big Block Muffler uses a longer case for increased volume and added sound reduction that will still fit many applications where the wider 50 Series Big Block muffler won’t fit. The….
Our largest and quietest muffler, the 50 Series Big Block Mufflers is made for tow vehicles, full-size trucks, large SUV’s and RV’s / Motorhomes. More than just compatible with big cubic inch engine….

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