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The 10 Series Race Mufflers are a compact lightweight single chamber design that will net a noticeable sound reduction vs open headers without sacrificing valuable and hard earned horsepower. They are available in three compact case sizes, ranging from 3.00″, 4.00″ & 5.00″ inches tall, with inlet and outlet sizes ranging from 2.50″ up to 4.00″, and in two inlet and outlet configurations. Race proven technology.

The 30 Series Race Mufflers are our most powerful & quietest professional race mufflers available and incorporate over 25 years of race proven research & development ensuring you get the best race silencers money can buy no matter what type of racing you do. They are available in 5.00″ & 6.00″ thick case sizes for maximum power and sound attenuation, and are available in numerous inlet & outlet tubing sizes ranging from 3.50″, 4.00″, 4.50″ and 5.00″ applications.

The 40 Series Race Mufflers offer maximum performance with a substantial dB reduction over open headers. These are available in 3.00″, 4.00″, 5.00″ & 6.00″ thick case sizes. And with inlets & outlets ranging from 2.50″ up to 5.00″ sizes. The 40 series are available in numerous offsets for easy fitment & fabrication.

The 50 Series Race Mufflers are some of the quietest mufflers we build. They are available in select sizes and were developed for spec classes & sportsman type race vehicles needing max dB attenuation. Sizes are available in 2.50″.

The Flowmaster Alcohol Race Muffler incorporates patented strategically placed “burn holes” inside the muffler in all low pressure areas to prevent damage from excess methanol fuel from puddling and backfiring on deceleration.


The Laminar Flow line of mufflers have applications in all forms of racing such as sprints & midgets, vintage racing, rock crawlers and diesel sled pullers. A key feature is its Cool Shell technology which minimizes the outside case temperature for mounting in and around body panels. Consistently proven to meet the strictest dB sound limits without affecting performance, they are available in several case configurations with inleVoutlet sizes from 2.00″ through 5.00″.



The Flowmaster Outlaw Series Race Mufflers are our smallest and lightest race mufflers to date. When attached directly to the collector, it generally produces more power than open headers, while taking the “edge” off that open header sound. These race mufflers are designed to be used at race tracks requiring mufflers, but without dB restrictions. Available in two compact lengths and tubing diameter sizes including 3.00″, 3.50″, 4.00″ and 5.00″.


Note: These mufflers provide minimal sound reduction, and are intended primarily for situations where a muffler rule is in effect with no specific decibel







The Flowmaster Delta Force race line uses a thinner, compact case engineered to fit under full floorpan race cars.




Direct to header applications: The Scavenger Series Race Mufflers feature Flowmaster’s patented Delta Flow٠technology. Designed to attach directly to the exhaust header primary tubes, replacing the collector on sprint and drag racing applications. It can be used to retrofit existing race headers or used as the collector for custom fabricated race headers. It is ideal for limited space applications or race cars requiring mufflers with sound reduction.

Note: Due to varying conditions these mufflers may or may not meet all sound level requirements.



Our Scavenger Turndowns mount directly to our Scavenger Series race mufflers and are highly recommended for even greater sound reduction.




Flowmaster’s unique, patented Scavenger Series “C” Collector is founded on the principle of PULSETECHNOLOGY.The large “D-shaped” ports in the Scavenger Series Collectors create a larger surface area to help pull the exhaust pulses from the opposing connected cylinders. This creates a cleaner burn for the incoming fuel and air resulting in an increased and broader torque curve, putting more power in the rpm range were you need it most. After all, its torque that moves your vehicle.


Flowmaster’s “Y” Collectors utilize the same patented PULSETECHNOLOGYas our Scavenger Series “C” collectors, but are designed to be used to maximize a “two into one” single exhaust system. Whether it’s your race car, tow vehicle or RV, the Scavenger “Y” collectors will make sure you’re getting maximum power from your engine. Sizes range from dual 2.00″ inlets up to dual 3.50″ inlets, with outlet sizes ranging from a single 2.50″ up to a single massive 5.00″ outlet. 


Flowmaster provides header tabs with the Scavenger Mufflers and “C” Collectors for quick installation and removal.